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Commercial Pump Truck Services

Vacuum trucks, the most powerful cleaning machines on the market, employ high-power centrifugal compression vacuums, waterjet rodder pumps, telescoping reels, hydraulic booms and specialized nozzles. They can remove heavy, impacted waste and debris.

AGS grease solutions service truck

Powerful Cleaning Machines

Our fleet consists of high-capacity vacuum trucks with powerful suction capabilities to haul larger amounts of waste and manage complex jobs in a more efficient manner.

AGS commercial pump truck with man and hose

Remove Waste From a Variety of Locations

American Grease and Septic’s commercial pump trucks are operated by trained professionals who are familiar with the safe and efficient removal of waste. When removing waste from a commercial property, American Grease and Septic provides an efficient and environmentally friendly way to remove waste.

  • Sewers: Pump trucks can be used to remove clogs and backups in sewer lines.

  • Grease traps: Pump trucks can be used to remove grease and oil from grease traps.

  • Storm drains: Pump trucks can be used to remove debris from storm drains.

  • Oil spills: Pump trucks can be used to remove oil from oil spills.

  • Construction sites: Pump trucks can be used to remove debris from construction sites.

Commercial Services

  • Drain cleaning
  • Specialty liquid waste
  • Exterior grease traps
  • Catch basins
  • Lateral line jetting
  • Drain line locating
  • Drain line locating

Municipal Services

  • Lift station cleaning
  • Wastewater removal
  • Sludge hauling
  • Specialty liquid waste
  • Catch basin cleaning
  • Pressure washing
car going through a car wash

Car Wash Pit Cleaning

When customers drive their cars into your car wash bay, they can bring dirt, road salt, oil and other types of contaminants. When the water starts, it washes the dirt and all the other material into the car wash pit. The water and material from the cars mixes, it results in sludge, which over time can build up and needs to be cleaned. American Grease and Septic can vacuum out your car wash pits and dispose of any waste to ensure your business abides by wastewater regulations.

car wash

Benefits to having your car wash pit cleaned regularly include:

  • Preventing clogs and backups

  • Preventing pollution

  • Improving air quality

  • Providing a safe working environment

  • Extending the life of the car wash equipment

  • Ensuring that cars are clean

Over time, accumulation of grease and oil in car wash pits can have several negative consequences. The buildup of these substances can result in clogs and backups within the pipes responsible for draining water from the pits. Not only does this pose a threat to the car wash's equipment and property, but it also increases the risk of flooding. Moreover, if proper disposal methods are not employed, the leakage of grease and oil into the environment can cause significant harm. Waterways can become contaminated, posing a danger to wildlife and ecosystems.

The accumulation of grease and oil also introduces safety hazards for employees, who may slip and fall due to the slippery surfaces. Harmful fumes or unpleasant odors can be released, putting employees at risk of exposure. Regular pit maintenance plays a crucial role in a a safer working environment and mitigate odors.

The negative impact of grease and oil extends to the car wash's equipment as well. Pumps and filters can suffer damage from these substances, potentially resulting in costly repairs or replacements. To prolong the life of such equipment, it is essential to clean the pit regularly, preventing the accumulation of harmful substances. Furthermore, a dirty car wash pit can contaminate the water used for washing cars, leaving unsightly dirt and streaks. Regular cleaning of the pit helps ensure that vehicles emerge clean and free from unwanted marks, enhancing customer satisfaction.

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