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Used Cooking Oil Collection & Recycling

Used cooking oil (UCO), also called fryer oil, is a byproduct of commercial and industrial food processing operations, including restaurants, and is considered organic waste. Used cooking oil must be managed properly to coincide with environmental and government regulations. Partnering with a company that provides dependable and responsible used cooking oil collection and recycling services can improve the efficiency of your restaurant.

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Comprehensive Solutions. Responsive Services. Hassle Free.

American Grease and Septic offers solutions for used cooking oil collection, storage and recycling. Our technicians provide customized recommendations for tank size and service frequency matched to your fryer oil levels that keep you compliant. We are a sustainable and reputable company that values the partnership of its customers. 

We offer comprehensive service for grease trap cleaning and fryer oil collection.

  • We provide grease containers based on your individual needs.

  • Service frequency is auto scheduled to prevent spillage and manage collection safely. 

  • Scheduled disposal is in accordance with environmental and government regulations.

  • We collect used cooking oil with a vacuum pump system versus dumping to keep your property cleaner. 

  • We operate during non-peak hours to not disturb your business operations.

  • Collection is hassle-free without any employee interaction.

  • Used cooking oil is collected and recycled.

  • We provide rebate plans offering money back to lower your cost of oil.

A Trusted Partner

We stand behind our services, so you can rely on us as a trusted partner every day.

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Quality and Commitment

American Grease and Septic is committed to high quality and professional services. We understand the processes involved with practicing ethical and responsible collection, transportation, and recycling of used cooking oil. We maintain best practices and follow all appropriate protocols to make sure we continue to provide high quality service to our customers.

Dedicated Service

American Grease and Septic provides emergency response to tank overflows within 24 hours of your call.

Used Cooking Oil Collection FAQ's

Why should I recycle my used cooking oil?

Recycling used cooking oil reduces the amount of waste in landfills and can be repurposed into biodiesel, a renewable energy source. High volumes of oil may also qualify for cash rebates.

How often should I schedule used cooking oil collection service?

The frequency of used cooking oil collection depends on the amount of oil your business generates. Our team takes the guesswork out of this process by matching the container size and service frequency to your specific needs. Rarely will customers have to call to manually schedule service.

What types of cooking oil do you collect?

We collect all types of cooking oil, including vegetable oil, canola oil, soybean oil, and more. We do NOT collect motor oil or other petroleum products.

Is there a fee for used cooking oil collection service?

Our used cooking oil collection service is typically free of charge, and we may even offer a rebate for certain amounts of oil collected.

What type of containment do you provide?

We provide used cooking oil dumpsters ranging in size from 50 – 300 gallons. For larger accounts we may offer used oil pumping systems.

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